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BLOODCURDLING ENTERPRISEは日本のブルータルデスメタルバンドを応援するために設立された新しいレコードレーベルです。よろしくお願いします! Japanese Underground Record Label dedicated to Japanese Brutal Death Metal.

Medic Vomiting Pus "Thoracoabdominal Viscerectomy" Release Party

 HOKAGE presents
[Medic Vomiting Pus Release Party]

Medic Vomiting Pus(福島)
Deadly Sins

OPEN: 17:30 START: 18:00

Adv. 2000yen Door. 2500yen

5月18日(日)心斎橋HOKAGEにてMedic Vomiting Pus、1stアルバムレコ発を行います!
出演はInfernal Revulsion、Bloodball、Stir Up Shit、Deadly Sins、Quasidiploidという激熱メンツ!

[BCE007/2014] 5月6日発売

Medic Vomiting Pus - "Thoracoabdominal Viscerectomy"

01. Nine Steps of Cadaver Decaying
02. Cranioclasis of Amelus Human
03. Ophthalmectomy For The Brain Deficient Human
04. Sound of Complete Dislocation of Cervical Vertebra
05. Costae Amputation
06. Thoracoabdominal Viscerectomy
07. Devour The Putrefying Corpse of Finished Autopsy
08. Kill (Gorevent Cover)

One-Man slamming brutal death metal MEDIC VOMITING PUS from Fukushima by HARUKA vocalist of most well-known JP slamming brutal death metal band GOREVENT and international slamming brutal death metal band TRAUMATOMY finally unleashes anticipate debut full-length album "Thoracoabdominal Viscerectomy". Inhuman guttural vocals, skin stabbing and flesh cutting guitar riffs bring you supreme relentless slamming brutal death metal. Must have for all slamming sick fuckers.

out on 2014, 6th May

JAN Code : 4560251620076
一般店頭販売価格 : 2,600円(税込み2,860円)
直販価格 : 2,000円 (税込み2,200円)