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BLOODCURDLING ENTERPRISEは日本のブルータルデスメタルバンドを応援するために設立された新しいレコードレーベルです。よろしくお願いします! Japanese Underground Record Label dedicated to Japanese Brutal Death Metal.

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Myocardial Infarction - "Revitalization Of The Perniciousness" CD
Myocardial Infarction - "Revitalization Of The Perniciousness" T-Shirts (Color : White)
Myocardial Infarction - "Revitalization Of The Perniciousness" T-Shirts (Color : Yellow)

Gorevent - "Worship Paganism" CD

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[BCE004/2013] 1月14日発売

Myocardial Infarction  - "Revitalization Of The Perniciousness"

1. Revitalization   
2. Divine Mutilation
3. Gore of Gore
4. Quixotic Goreism
5. Unidimensional massacre of the Unflesh
6. Prevalence of Undead
7. Bane
8. Moldy Corrupt Genocider
9. Lethal Assault
10. Addling Entrails
11. Unlogical Manslaughter
12. Ghostless
13. Zombie Dance
14. Inhuman Hyperphagia (outro)
15. Album Trailer 

In 2012, 5 inhuman creatures from Tokyo Japan, started their history of Myocardial Infarction. With their Sickness, made this 1st full album entitled "Revitalization of The Perniciousness" formed by Pure Slamming Guttural Brutality. Be prepared. Beware of Atrocity and Perdition. Fans for Kraanium, Disgorge (US), Suffocation, Devourment and Gorevent.

out on 2014, 14th January

JAN Code : 4560251620045
一般店頭販売価格 : 2,600円(税込み2,860円)
直販価格 : 2,000円 (税込み2,200円)

[BCE006/2013] 1月14日発売

Gorevent - "Worship Paganism"

1. Worship Paganism
2. Clubbing To Death view
3. Heartless Massacre view
4. Dead view
5. Metamorphic Sadness view
6. Human Demise view
7. At The Time For A Killing view
8. World Septic view
9. Gory The Body view
10. The End Humanity view 

"Worship Paganism" is a truly devastating display of slamming guttural brutality. Gorevent remains consistently heavy slam riffs and more varied inhuman gutturals ! They're just supreme "Brutal Carnivore Form" worshippers !!! Includes 3 bonus tracks taken from "Endless Human Hunting" demo.

out on 2014, 14th January
JAN Code : 4560251620069
一般店頭販売価格 : 2,400円 (税込み2,640円)
直販価格 : 1,600円 (税込み1,760円)