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BLOODCURDLING ENTERPRISEは日本のブルータルデスメタルバンドを応援するために設立された新しいレコードレーベルです。よろしくお願いします! Japanese Underground Record Label dedicated to Japanese Brutal Death Metal.

[BCE008/2014] 7月8日発売

Veiyadra - "Gehenna" CD

1. Spiritual Chaos
2. Diabolical Aberration
3. Xeno Spawn
4.  Remorseless Divinity
5.  Cataclysmal World
6.  Cacodemonic Perdition
7.  Ebon Origin
8.  Bones of Misery
9.  The Defiling
10.  Pulverizer
11.  Absorb the Agonal
12. Dysgenic Enmity

Tokyo's Hyper Blasting Slamming Brutality, Veiyadra, Just began their subversive path with their debut full album entitled "GEHENNA". Not just Brutal but also Technical and Progressive. Will spread the miasma and violence all around the universe. For fans of Disgorge(US), Defeated Sanity, Dying Fetus, Demilich, Disentomb and Suffocation.

out on 2014, 8th July
JAN Code : 4560251620083
一般店頭販売価格 : 2,600円(税込み2,860円)
直販価格 : 2,000円 (税込み2,200円)

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